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A Different Dance by Nash Summers

April 23, 2014


Casey has been in love with Jackson for four years. After years of living in the shadows and waiting for Jackson to finally take notice of him, Casey decides that he’ll profess his love to Jackson one night at the bar. What Casey doesn’t expect is the whirlwind of events that follow.

Jackson is finally paying attention to Casey, but a handsome stranger is threatening to sweep Casey off his feet and making him wonder whether Jackson’s attention is what he really wants. Who will step up to become Casey’s Prince Charming?

***Previously included in the Torqued Tales anthology.


My Review: 

So this story…let me tell you a short story first.

I am the girl who has lived on the lonely side of unrequited love most of my life. I was forever in love/lust with someone who never wanted me back. I had this dream, this fairy tale if you will, of the day the boy I fancied would see me and realize I was exactly what their life was missing. Or…that I would meet a random boy who would take a single look at me and see the ME that I wanted all those crushes to see. He would sweep me off my feet and we would ride into the sunset together on a riding style lawn mower with me wearing his straw cowboy hat. Why am I telling you this? Well, Casey is me in a way.

“What if I confess my undying love to him and he doesn’t feel the same way? I just don’t think my poor heart can take it.”

“Impossible, that’s not how fairy tale endings work. You’re going to be the belle of the ball.” 

Casey, I get you my boy. I know where you are with Jackson because I could put at least a half dozen names and faces in his place. I get that you have wanted this boy FOREVER and when you get the smallest reaction from him you turn into someone you aren’t, just to hold on. Oh boy do I get it.

But then there is Ethan and just the thought of him quoting Disney in that flannel and those Docs with that megawatt smile has me in a puddle of goo. How can I ever forget Ethan? How can you, Casey? I don’t think I am making sense with this review at all.

A Different Dance…that title hit me hard in the heart when I finished this. I love that moment when you GET the title, when it all makes sense and the story you just read is complete. Le Sigh. This was a perfect bedtime story for me last night; a perfect fairy tale wrapped up in a fairy tale. I loved Casey, Melissa, Kansas and Ethan…I loved the whole freaking fairy tale of this. I laughed, I swooned and I just fell in love with it.

What a great introduction to a new to me author. Sure, there were a few things with the format of the ebook I got but that I blame on the publisher. Even the wonky format of the book couldn’t wipe the smile off my face that is still plastered on 12hrs after reading it.

This will definitely be one of those stories I go to when I need a feel good read.


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