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Book Reviews

I love to read and have an informal style to my reviews.  I love to chat about what I am reading, how it made me feel and shamelessly promote the books I fall in love with.

I am a member of Netgalley and Eedelweiss. I follow the guidelines via each publisher regarding the review process.

I am a detailed reviewer of books on Goodreads and will cross review to Amazon Barnes & Noble or the site I purchased the book, e.g.  Smashwords upon request. I update my reading status often on Goodreads to give readers a good idea of where I am in the book and what I am thinking as I am reading it. I review each book that I read honestly and do not give a repeat of the synopsis but relay my feelings and thoughts on the book.  Any spoiler that my review may have is clearly listed and noted though I try to keep spoilers out of my review and only use them if I feel they are absolutely necessary. I participate in groups on Goodreads and often am asked for my opinion on books and for recommendations. A number of readers have read books they normally would not based solely on my review.


5 stars: A book that I could not put down. A MUST READ!!! One that was read into the night until it was finished regardless of life obligations, e.g. work!  A book that I will recommend to anyone who sits still for a second. A book that I will re-read more than once. A book that gripped me emotionally  and held on tight; either through character development, prose, or a unique style of writing or subject matter that had my jaw on the floor for many reasons. A book that belongs on my physical book shelf. A stellar read.

4 stars:  A book that held my interest, had me sneak reading wherever and whenever I could. A book whose characters felt like I knew them and was a part of their life while in those pages. A book that will remain on my Nook to go back and visit favorite scenes. A fantastic read.

3 stars: A book that was good enough to keep  me reading until the end. Something about the book just didn’t click with me but I was interested enough in the outcome. A good read.

2 stars: A book that was less than what I was looking for. Either curiosity or my OCD compelled me to usually skim it to find out the end. A less than good read.

1 star: Traditionally this would be a DNF for me. There are the rare occasions where I finish the book and feel compelled to tell my side of the story.


I do not get paid to read or review the book listed on this blog. Reading and reviewing is done purely for my pleasure. All opinions regarding books are personal and do not reflect upon anyone other than myself. There is no outside influence from authors, bloggers, groups etc.  I reserve the right to review a book honestly, post my opinion about what I have read and how I feel about the content.

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