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One Night Ever After by Tere Michaels, Elle Brownlee & Elizah J. Davis

January 12, 2014


Just a Drive by Tere Michaels

After weeks of flirting, “One Night” Wyatt Walsh spends a fabulous night with his shy coworker, Benji Trammell. As Wyatt tries to sneak out the next morning, he receives a call from his frantic, very pregnant best friend Raven—she needs him immediately. With no other way to get from New York City to the Pennsylvania town where Raven and her husband live, Wyatt accepts Benji’s offer to drive him there. Wary and unsure of each other, they start the trip at odds, but as time goes on, the barriers that usually keep people at a distance fail. And what started out as “just a drive” becomes a step toward romance.

Just a Stranger by Elle Brownlee

The excitement of meeting a stranger in a club can’t be beat. Loud bass sets the rhythm to Michael Wiercinski’s primal urges as he flirts with Andrew, a cute guy offering the promise of a hot night with no strings, no complications. Still, when their night is done, Michael admits there was something about Andrew that left him wanting more. Months go by with no sign of Andrew until Michael moves back home to help after his father’s heart attack. Once there, Michael is completely amazed to find Andrew Lucas living in his hometown. Despite surprising “complications” in Andrew’s life, Michael vows to take advantage of this second chance to make Andrew more than just a stranger.

Just a Weekend by Elizah J. Davis

James is a homebody in a predictable, if not altogether comfortable, rut. He’d rather stay in with a book than brave the Seattle bar scene. One night, after allowing his friend Kara to coax him out for drinks, he meets Devin—charming, gorgeous, and way out of his league. With a little bit of help from Kara, James leaves with Devin to indulge in a night together, which is as much time as he’s bound to get with a guy as hot as Devin. He doesn’t expect the easy rapport that quickly develops between them, and when the weather conspires to keep them together, James wonders if this could be more than just a weekend fling.

My Review:

Just a Drive by Tere Michaels

So, I found out it’s not too hard to forget that a snarky MC shares your youngest sons name; not when it’s Wyatt Walsh. Wyatt, he just wants to get into the pants of young shy Benji Tramell and he finally gets his chance. But fate throws a wrench is Wyatt’s plans as he tries to do the morning after sneak out and gets an emergency call from his BFF needing help. Without a car, license or anyway to get to her, shy Benji offers to drive Wyatt to Raven; a six hour drive with the boy who is SO not who he seemed at fist fuck, er um, glance.

Benji, what an amazing character! I loved the seeing the layers of this boy. As each one was pulled away we got not only what was underneath we got more and more of Benji and that is not a bad thing at all. Though not what he seemed at the beginning, he is the perfect match for Wyatt in every way and I love how he shows it and how he can still be so vulnerable with his strength.

Wyatt was such a brat in the best way and being in his POV you got why. His relationship with Raven and Rob was lovely to read. They way they supported each other is the way friends/family should be; they love him dearly but they call him out on his shit when he needs it and this is Wyatt so, yeah.

Oh! That Epilogue…well played, madam, well played. I had to blink a few times when I read the first words and then I got a big goofy grin on my face.

Wyatt and Benji were a delight to read. I adored the writing of Ms. Michaels; she pulls you in nicely to where you need to be and you don’t want to leave even after the last word is read. She makes you blush even without the full on dirty sex scenes, just the reading the words “come on” had me letting out a small squeak. Yes, squeak. I could have read these two for days, they were so comfortable for me, just so damn yummy…like a steamed dumpling.

Just a Stranger by Elle Brownlee
3 stars

This was a lovely story. Boy meets boy in the big city, have a one night stand and them pine over each other. Flash forward to small town rural America where they see each other again. Misunderstanding happen. Apologies happen, attempts at friendship happen. There is a lot of family on Michael’s side that I absolutely loved and a bit of apprehension that this could be the real thing, the thing that Andrew has always wanted but can he have it? A few things come up that suck, it dragged a bit in the middle and I wanted the boys to just give it a shot, give each other a chance, but they get it worked out. All in all, a nice and warm story about love, trust, friendship and family.

Just a Weekend by Elizah J. Davis
4.5 stars

Oh…I adored this story. James being rescued by Devin was so stinking cute! Sure, he was prompted by Kara but everything that happened after was just them. I loved that James was your average guy who liked his solid and safe life but underneath that he was a little dirty with the make out sessions.

Devin was simply adorable with his “Prince Charming nice guy fetish” and was blown away by the things James would do for him that made him that much more attractive. Theses two fell into such a comfortable space so early, it was believable and I fell for them just as fast. The twist after their one night stand was so cute, I am a sucker for boys and kids and I fell for each of them harder that day and into the night with the fort. *sigh* I loved that their parting was not the fairy tale end that it should or could have been but I also thought the way they found each other again was so sweet. What a great story to end this anthology. Well done.

Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

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