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Christmas Kitsch by Amy Lane

December 23, 2013

Christmas KitschSummary:

Sometimes the best thing you can get for Christmas is knowing what you really want.

Rusty Baker is a blond, rich, entitled football player in a high school full of them—just the type of oblivious jock all the bullied kids hate. And he might have stayed that way, except he develops a friendship with out-and-proud Oliver Campbell from the wrong side of the tracks. Rusty thinks the friendship is just pity—Oliver is very bright, and Rusty is very not—but then Oliver kisses him goodbye when Rusty leaves for college, and Rusty is forced to rethink everything he knows about himself.

But even Rusty’s newfound awareness can’t help him survive a semester at Berkeley. He returns home for Thanksgiving break clinging to the one thing he knows to be true: Oliver Campbell is the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

Rusty’s parents disagree, and Rusty finds himself homeless for the holidays. Oliver may not have much money, but he’s got something Rusty has never known: true family. With their help and Oliver’s love, Rusty comes to realize that he may have failed college, but he’ll pass real life with flying rainbow colors.

My Review:

 Blessings are always mixed – I hadn’t known that as a kid. I was starting to know it now.

Death by Amy Lane…again. If you haven’t heard my speech on Amy Lane and how her words kill you…well it was on another review but it’s true. The woman knows how to pull you in and tug out your heart strings all while tearing your heart OUT! It’s the best type of vital organ being ripped from your body you ever want to have.

Christmas Kitsch…what a heartwarming story. Yes, this is given a title with Christmas and does take place around the holidays but honestly this story could fit anywhere. It is such a heartbreaking and yet uplifting story of finding where you truly belong while finding your true self. Not all of us know that. The lucky ones, they figure it out at a young age; they are so self-assured and have a fantastic support system. The rest of us; we think we know but we just go through the motions of what we have been taught either hoping that moment arrives for us or we never looks for it and just live blindly. Why do I bring all of this up…it is how I see Oliver and Rusty.

Rusty, he is just his boy. This boy trying to make everyone happy and at the top of that list are his parents. Even though he has tried to tell them what they want for him is not what he wants for his life he tries his hardest to be what they want him to be but at what cost?

Then there is Oliver, this boy. He just wants Rusty. Plain and simple. I loved his tunnel vision when it came to Rusty. It was fathomless. It was romantic. It was so strong and real. Ugh. This book, it killed me. From page one to the end. It was amazing and it hit home.

I adored this story. It was so very touching. Just amazing and I would love everyone to read it. Amy Lane is the master of intimacy. Sure she writes some sexy scenes even when it is just kissing but you feel the emotion, the passion and the unf of the scene. I loved Rusty’s little sister and even Rex. How could you not love that horn dog on a stick? He had a pure heart of gold, he just needed a few more socks. Oliver’s family was wonderful. I have experiences the aunts and uncles of my husband’s Mexican family in both the good and the bad ways. They love to tell me how white I am for their brown boy and the amount of food is dead on in the book. Talk about over abundance! I loved how the boys learned to find their own way but let others help them. It’s not easy asking or accepting help for me so I got where Rusty was coming from. Rusty’s parents, they were a bag of rotten nuts! That is all. I can see where they were coming from as a parent, you want for your kids, want the best for them but they wanted him to be their ideal and not his own. It’s not easy letting your kids make their own decisions but you have to let them try and even fall. I wish they had learned that before….

I am still a mess from this book so I will stop attempting to make any sense of it and just say this:

This book was so close to home; my husband and I come from very different backgrounds. We moved in together after two months of dating when so many people thought it was a bad idea and yet here we are 12 yrs later still plugging away at our life, our family and our marriage. It wasn’t easy, hell it still isn’t easy but deep down we know that our love and our family is what matters most. It is what has keeps us going because sometimes love is enough. No, it won’t pay the bills etc. but it can give you exactly what you need to know where you belong and know what you will fight for.

This book, it hit hard. Not only with me but I gave a decent play by play to my husband as I was reading it. He came home tonight from the market with a small bouquet of flowers with a card that had the same message as the last 12yrs… “It’s not much, I wish I could give you more but I love you, always.” He just handed them to me, kissed me softly and said, “You read a good book, babe.” I agree and I think that says it all.

Last thought: I finished the last 25% of this book while wrapping Christmas gifts and listening to classic Christmas music. Let me just say I had a minor break down of epic sobs for about 10 minutes. Le Sigh.

Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

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