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Shock & Awe (Sidewinder #1) by Abigail Roux

November 11, 2013


After barely surviving a shootout in New Orleans, Sidewinder medic Kelly Abbott has to suffer through a month of recovery before he can return home to Colorado. He’s not surprised when fellow Sidewinder Nick O’Flaherty stays with him in New Orleans. Nor is he surprised when Nick travels home with him to help him get back on his feet—after all, years on the same Marine Force Recon team bonded the men in ways that only bleeding for a brother can. He’s very surprised, though, when Nick humors his moment of curiosity and kisses him.

Nick knows all of Kelly’s quirks and caprices, so the kiss was a low-risk move on his part . . . or so he thought. But what should’ve been a simple moment unleashes a flood of confusing emotions and urges that neither man is prepared to address.

Now, Kelly and Nick must figure out what they mean to each other—friends and brothers in arms, or something even deeper?—before the past can come back to ruin their tenuous future.

My Review:

Oh Boy! Did Abigail Roux knock this one out of the park? I knew this was coming, I had read parts of it already buy she knocked my damn socks and pants off with the heat that came off the page with Nick & Kelly. Who knew these two would be off the charts smoking with just six words from Kelly’s mouth?

Hey Irish? Will you kiss me?

If I had any doubts that these two brothers in arms from team Sidewinder could pull at not only pull at my pants but tug at my heart strings this, this book chased them all away. I will say that my first meeting with Nick O’Flaherty was not one that I enjoyed. He pissed me off but after his confession, his heart to heart with Zane in Armed & Dangerous I fell for him and his snarky ways. Toss him together with the off the charts energy of the teams Doc, Kelly Abbott and the sparks ignite into a flame I so want to get burned by over and over again.  I may have a few burn marks after reading this four times already. Yeah, I admit it. How could I not? It was so intense that I had to keep reading it to make sure it was all real.

Oh God, this was probably a bad idea. But something about it felt like a great idea as Kelly met his eyes and Nick couldn’t deny him anything in that moment.

I love, adore and fan girl over Ty & Zane. Their love story is epic but these boys were something extra special. I think it’s the history they share, the way Nick & Kelly know each other, the way they can call each other out to unfuck their shit and they need that. Good Lord do they need that.

Kelly had loved Nick for years, just like he loved the rest of the team. Who was to say they couldn’t be more?

I won’t go into too much detail, if you are a fan of the Cut & Run series this is a must read. The twist, I should have seen it. I knew it had to be there but it still did not stop me from letting out an audible gasp that made people turn and ask if I was okay. I was not okay. I was reduced to tears and unsure of where this would be going. Though I did shed tears, the banter between Nick & Kelly was so much fun. I could have highlighted this entire book with the one liners they threw at each other. I would not expect anything less from Abigail Roux though, she brings the funny with the sexy and it’s what I love about her writing style.

The way Shock & Awe ends; I was a bit, well…um…shocked. The extra of Bait & Switch was needed but again, having read the first part on her blog I thought I knew what would happen…when will I ever learn? I loved Shock & Awe, I loved Bait & Switch and I sincerely hope that we get more of Irish & Doc because like with Ty & Zane I will never get enough.

“Is this how you want it?” Kelly asked

Nick put his lips to Kelly’s ear, holding him tighter. “I want you every fucking way I can get you.”

Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating


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  1. November 11, 2013 4:27 pm

    Love your review doll! I’m almost done with this. I can’t wait to see what the twist is. 😀

    • The Risqué Redhead Reads permalink
      November 11, 2013 4:41 pm

      Thanks! This was just so good and SO SO SO HOT! Gah! To think she never saw these two together? Can you imagine NOT having this?

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