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BLOG TOUR ~ GUEST POST: The Dom with the Perfect Brats (Badass Brats #3) by Cari Silverwood, Leia Shaw, Sorcha Black

May 13, 2013


A book written by three authors? Who does what? Who writes whom? I had these questions and the lovely Cari Silverwood was kind to give me/us a sneak peek in how this series is written.

~The Three Wild Women of Writing~

Someone called me a wild woman today (Yes, Ima, it was you) and really, I thought it only fair to share the title with my co-writers, Leia Shaw and Sorcha Black, who are currently at the time of writing this, spreading the word about our Badass Brats books at the Kansas City RT convention.

I’m not sure how wild I am, truly. Next to my overly tattooed co-writers I may look beige. But, I do try.

There was a time earlier this year, in the midst of scribbling out The Dom with the Perfect Brats, when we might all have cheerfully executed our fellow writers. And yet, like several times prior to that, we recovered and are still friends. They even chatted to me yesterday from their hotel room after their grueling day fending off fans. Poor things, I hope the champagne is well chilled.

Moving on. Co-writing these books is both a both a pre-planned mission, and a total shemozzle. We begin with Leia’s plot and then we all collapse crying about how our characters don’t seem real enough, or how someone else’s character doesn’t make sense, or how they’ve turned the story into a soap opera with their cheesy dialogue/ scene/ characterization.

There is a point in all novels where you just have to pray things will sort themselves out, and you forge onward despite a feeling that the world is crumbling around you. The advantage with this co-written series is that we can support each other and encourage and smile over skype and say what a great writer they are. The disadvantage is that we can curse each other so damn well when we really try.

Things and problems that, when we wrote solo, were internalized and wrestled with inside our heads are instead thrown out into the open where others can trample on and praise them.

Getting the picture? Co-writing is swings and roundabouts. But it is fun. Instead of moaning to yourself and being depressed because you think the plot has dived into a chasm of doom, you get to air this to your friends. We do support each other. We pool our knowledge of writing and BDSM and, oooh yes, of sex. The things I know about Leia’s and Sorcha’s sex lives…

Ahem. Moving on… Yes, I’m writing this in unsupervised mode as they’re off being superstars at the RT convention.

So, the sequence in general is – form a plot and setting, sort out who we will write, redo the plot and GO! We each take a character and do their point of view. In The Dom with a Safeword, I wrote the Dom, Jude, while Leia wrote Sabrina, the conflicted submissive, and Sorcha wrote Q, the very badass switch with the unrequited love for Sabrina.

Who wrote who in The Dom with the Perfect Brats? I’m sworn to secrecy by Leia, though I’m sure it will come out in time, like maybe next week. But yes, the three of us each wrote a single POV or point of view, and once again the chapters alternate between the Dom, who is Godfrey Cross, and his brats, Izzy and Gemma.

With this book, we even managed to sometimes write chapters ahead of each other in a few places – and this is hard to do IMO as it’s so excruciating to integrate a chapter when it’s done out of sequence. The characters did succeed in surprising us sometimes, and that’s one of the fun things about writing with others, they add depth where you least expect it, and they add sexy, hot, melt-your-ereader moments. Sorcha has said that she learned to write sex scenes from me, but I can sincerely say that she has far surpassed me with her writing in this book. The last big BDSM scene is absolutely jaw-dropping.

The penultimate phase of publishing a book involves beta readers, and some of those are my friends, some are others friends. Then the rewriting is doled out among us three. We get the book edited professionally. The cover and the corrections with the final edits and the formatting so we can upload the book to Amazon etc. is done by Leia. The promo is generally shared. Though next year I claim a convention/ champagne guzzling affair.

Am I looking forward to doing another solo book after this? Yes and no. Yes, I will get to make all the crucial decisions in a solo book…but, oh my god, horror of horrors, I get to make all the decisions.



Follow the authors:

Cari Silverwood |Leia Shaw | Sorcha Black


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  1. Imacuriousone permalink
    May 14, 2013 8:54 pm

    Love this!!! It’s amazing what goes into the books that us fans/readers love to devour in no time that is a painstaking labor of love for the authors. I’m so tickled to get to know y’all and follow along as y’all write these incredible books in this amazing series, it almost feels even more realistic in a way. Y’all keep up the spectacular work, ya bunch of WILD WOMEN!!!


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